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Want to determine which are the best things to do in Suva or top places to go throughout your stay in Fiji?

On this site you can get a detailed information on the top sights and attractions, for example monuments, plays, musicals, live music, sporting activities, dining out and loads of evening activities in Suva.

Besides that, Fiji provides a fantastic selection of events and restaurants in all the large towns and cities.

Places to visit in Fiji | Fiji Tourist Attractions Video | Recently Asked Questions About Tourist Attractions in Fiji
Things to see and do in Fiji
Top Things To See In Fiji
Fiji Tourist Video

If you like this video press the "Like" button: presents top tourist attractions in Fiji, shopping and nightlife and what to do and see while you are in lovely Fiji.
Questions About Tourism in Fiji
  • Is there any interesting Amusement parks in Fiji?

  • Anyone have addresses to the top tourist attractions in Fiji?

  • Are there any inexpensive and stylish clothes shops in Fiji?

  • Can someone please give me 20 things to do in Fiji?

  • From where can I get a map of Fiji showing the locations of important monuments?

  • How to experience Fiji beyond the major tourist sights?

  • If you were to have a picnic in a park in Fiji, is it illegal to drink wine with it as it is a public place?

  • Please suggest some good but cheap guided tours in Fiji?

  • Things to do in Fiji for young people?

  • What are good night life things to do in Suva for two people who have never been to Fiji?

  • What are some good tourist attractions in Fiji?

  • What are some of the best things to see in Fiji besides the usual tourist attractions?

  • What are some fun group activities to do in Fiji ?
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